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Black abaya, white abaya, ecru abaya, beige abaya, daily abaya, sequined abaya or abaya for special occasions, you can find the most stylish abayas with many more models and colors in BAQA's new season. Abaya models are also highly preferred with evening dresses and evening dresses. Different models such as abaya with stones, tulle abaya, lace abaya are more preferred. You can provide comfortable elegance all day long with its width and special fabric by choosing abaya for daily and sportswear. Depending on the season, you can choose a linen abaya for summer or a velvet abaya model for the cold winter months.

With BAQA's new collection, you can attract all the attention in the Fall-Winter Season. You can find the most stylish abayas with special designs in the new collection.The black abaya with contrasting white stitching in the collection reflects BAQA's simplicity full of splendor and reveals a completely unique design. Modern and iconic abayas that offer elegance and comfort in one piece are highly sought after by women. 


While the first thing that comes to mind when we think of an abaya is a garment with a length and width up to the feet, nowadays it is the BAQA brand that comes to mind with its iconic, ovesize and long models. In the 2000-10s, abayas became popular with their wide sleeves and wings. In the last few years, it has been evolving with various designs. Designers create the most special designs by combining comfort, sustainability, style and uniqueness. At the same time, abayas; It has similar features with the outfit, which is also described as abaya. If you are looking for abaya models, it is possible to find the model you are looking for in abaya models. With its modern and completely unique designs, abaya models provide a perfect silhouette with BAQA signature. You can reflect comfortable elegance with thinness and models that cover the whole body.

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